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A Culinary Tour and Lifestyle Experience in Athens

We invite you to join us for a day that's a culinary and lifestyle experience in a city that's full of surprises, where each day can start and end in an entirely different way.


After exploring, experiencing, being disappointed, amazed, and exposed to so much that Athens has to offer, we have distilled the best for a Greek culinary experience - a combination of food, culture, people, color, scent, and a lot of styles.

Forget the typical tourist trails and let us show you the warm and chic corners of Athens. Our culinary tour is meticulously planned for those seeking a unique, high-level experience.


We selected the best spots and tested them ourselves to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Let's EAT• WALK• LOVE Together!
EAT Dive into the local cuisine with a tasting journey that blends the traditional and the contemporary.
WALK Stroll through the city center in unique neighborhoods, combining street art and graffiti.

LOVE Hosting is our passion! We love to make sure our guests receive the best care.

Parallel Lines

Taste the Secrets of Athens: Book Your Culinary Adventure Today!

Ran comes from the world of culinary arts and Liran from fashion and lifestyle, and together we offer an experience that combines our worlds and passions.


We pledge to our tour good quality food, walking through the most popular neighborhoods, and above all, a lot of love and passion for what we do.


We'll make sure you feel and experience the city from a different angle, RanLiran's angle.

The tour lasts about 4 hours and is conducted in small groups, allowing us to enjoy every glass of wine, take our time at each selected location, and create new experiences together with family and friends.

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