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About Us

Ran and Liran have over a decade of experience in the field of luxury events and lifestyle. Over the years, we have provided services to international companies for premium conferences and events.

 Hundreds of customers, including some of the largest companies in Israel, have used our services to coordinate conferences, vacations, corporate events, promotional activities, launch events, and large-scale productions, in Israel and abroad. We use the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years to give you the best service.

Create for each vacation its rhythm, character, and uniqueness, according to your wishes.

 We live in Athens and the islands to explore, discover, and try new things all the time.  We get to know the mentality, culture, tastes, and atmosphere in order to get the most for you.

Ran Sapojnik

Ran is a graduate of marketing and management studies, an amateur hobbyist photographer, and a lover of fine cuisine and wine.


He has worked for many years for Na Lagaat association, managing events and projects, creating and managing social and business collaborations, building workshops, producing events and business conferences with the leading companies in Israel such as Bank Leumi, government ministries, and Mifal Hapayis (the Israeli lottery corporation) among others. 


Ran has a longstanding history of working with some of the most notable restaurants in Tel Aviv. 


Liran Shpiegel

Liran has degree in business administration and economics. 


He has worked for many years in the import and distribution divisions of international luxury brands, sales management, property, commercial design, business portfolio management, and supplier portfolios. 


He has an aesthetic sense and is keenly focused on attention to detail.

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